My Flower

He doesn't know that I know, but I do...

That's what happens when you leave a trail in the world. Someone eventually picks up on it, and runs with it. The action of keeping a secret is tiring, so it's not surprising that he leaves breadcrumbs everywhere. The "secret" isn't anything out of the ordinary, but I guess in these times secrets always have a valid reason for being kept. Who am I to question him when I'm keeping my own untold words as well. Luckily, mine isn't entering rigor mortis and decomposing outside town lines. Mine sits much closer to home.

I rub my secret, I talk to it daily, telling it how much I love it. How much it will be loved. Boy or girl doesn't matter, because Mommy won't let anything happen to it. In order for that to happen, I have to stay on my husband's good side and off his attempt to murder list. I look much better above six feet of dirt.

It's truly amazing he didn't see me trailing a couple of miles behind him. I'm certainly not a secret service agent, but I know enough to not get caught. High-beams always give away a bad tail. If you don't know how to keep your high-beams from reflecting off the target's mirrors then you're fucked. A couple YouTube searches will do that for you, but never count out the bottomless knowledge of DarkReddit either. I swear that sketchy, yet incredibly helpful corner of the internet is run by mercenaries. It taught me stealth, trailing methods, how to turn on and connect another person's Find My iPhone to my account; all the skills needed when you're trying to find out if your significant other is cheating on you. I became so good that I discovered a lot more than cheating. DarkReddit didn't prepare me for that. But maybe I could find some sound advice on YouTube.

"How to oust a married murderer without getting killed." One YouTube search brings up exactly 42 videos. To be honest, these seem like 42 ways to get caught, especially if I don't delete the evidence. Good thing I did my prior research at the public library, so that's not very easy to track. But my personal phone he uses as much as me, so that needs to be protected. It won't be much longer until he gets here. Will I be able to act like the naïve young wife? Of course I can! Just act like the last 72 hours didn't happen.

"Hey beautiful flower, you ready for date night? I think we have means to celebrate."

Time to win an Oscar. Action.


She doesn't know what I know and it's best that it stays that way. She thinks she knows best because she's slightly older, but I always keep a card up my sleeve. Afterall, I didn't move a couple of towns over to be caught by a babygirl. Even if she is my babygirl. This just shows that I have wonderful taste in women; dead and alive. But I have no intention of adding her to the latter, especially not after knowing what I know. Her safety, her health is priority. I never considered bringing a life into this world. Only taking them when I see fit. But everyone can turn over a new leaf. So can I... so can I.

It didn't take much to figure out her current state. Morning sickness, locking our bathroom door when I'm home, her curious cravings that have me racing out the house and over county lines to grocery stores that carry her weirdly combined items. It all adds up in the end. Besides, that time over county lines allows me some alone time in order to say goodbye to my dead wives. All of them were so beautiful in life and now I preserve their beauty in death, but I can't go on knowing I will soon be responsible for raising a new life. My old ways aren't enough and her Mother is necessary. No matter how many times I've contemplated preserving her beauty, she is necessary.

She doesn't know that I know yet. But we're going to celebrate tonight. It's date night after all.

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