A Piece of History

Older houses are known to sometimes have secret passageways, especially those on the path of the underground railroad. I just never expected my house to have one, it wasn’t mentioned in the listing nor was it shown on any of my tours. The door looked very old and like it hadnt been touched in years. Turing the handle elicited an ear piercing screech, and pushing the door open created an almost as bad squeak. Walking down the staircase with a flashlight in hand brought up a lot of horrifying thoughts. Once at the bottom of the staircase i reached two doors and a blocked off hallway. The blocked off part looked like it had been sealed decades ago, while the other two door look like they had been used more frequently. Opening the left door, I see tons of crates stacked along the wall as well as bookshelves filled with older looking books. I reached down and grabbed the first paper at the top of the crate. This looked like a log of all the people who had passed through here, when they arrived and left, or if they never left at all. It even lists where they were laid to rest in the home, all in deep pits in the acres of backyard. The very well kept records made me realize how big of a find this would be for history. Glancing at the books, they all looked handcrafted. Grabbing one of the smaller books I opened it to the first page. It was a diary, detailing all about the adventure up to this point. Now I was curious what was in the other room. Opening the other door revealed almost a whole new home, there seemed to be ample space for those escaping to spend days down here comfortably. Entering one of the side room revealed makeshift desks and school items. They made their own classroom to teach these people so they could have the luxuries they were not afforded before. Entering the room next to it revealed a lot of handcrafted jewlery and clothing. This is a place of rich history, and how I can’t wait to be able to share these finds with the world.

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