The Girl in The Window

It was the same thing everyday. Keylly walked to and from school, always passing the same houses. However, it was different one Friday afternoon in the fall. Six houses down from hers, someone moved in. Kelly slowed her walking and glanced at the family that was moving in. It wasn’t all of the boxes or anything the movers were carrying that caught her eye. It was the teenage girl who was sitting in the bay window. A man, who Kelly assumed was the girl’s Daddy, started to approach Kelly. Panicking, she sprints the rest of her way home.

Months go by and it’s the same story. Kelly looks through the window on her way to and from school. Everyday, the girl sits there. Sometimes she’s reading, other times writing. On occasion, Kelly wouldn’t stop if she saw the girl staring out the window. On the last day of school, Kelly met the girl who always sat in the window. Maybe it was fate, maybe it wasn’t.

Kelly stood outside the house, just like she always did everyday for a few moments. What she didn’t know until after was that an older man had been following her from school. Kelly felt a hand touch her arm and a deep voice saying that she was going with him. She struggled to get rid of his grip when a voice called out.

“Let her go.”

The man laughed. "Or what?"

"Or this." A fist connects with the man's nose and as he grabs his nose, Kelly escapes. Turning to see who saved her, she sees the girl who always sits in the window. "Leave before I call the cops." The man pulls back his lip in a snarl before heading off. "I'm Leia."

"K-Kelly," the young girl stammers.

"Help me to my chair? Mom made some lemonade if you want any."

Kelly glances behind ber before she shakily nods her head. "Okay."

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