In our time

The black outs, constricted days and lengthy period inside got to us all. Gillian called out to Simone for their daily catch up “quick our families on the split screen”. “Alright coming”. They sat down after the announcement made in the light of darkness. After the rolling red dust campaign, the planet was almost in total darkness and the outside even clogged up suits. But that didn’t stop people wanting to stroll around in the new terraformed planet. “Morning, everyone, how are you all?” Susum, Gillian’s mum responded, “Good, but frustrated that even after the end of the bombing campaign we can’t step outside”. Gillian sighed “mum, you know you shouldn’t venture into the dust, regardless if you want to be outside for a while”. “I know, I know, but I can’t take this cabin fever anymore” Susum said. “Well, let’s try do something to brighten the day up, even if we can’t go outside, what about a VR tour of our old home?” “Hmm, I don’t know, I’m sure that’ll feel worse rather than betted.” At the Gillian bit her head off and Simone stepped in to calm. “Well, there’s more than just the two of you here, why don’t we play a game? That’ll pass the time won’t it?” “Alright, alright, what’s the game?” “It’s called in our time.” “What does that entail?”. Simone tried to think about how to explain it simply. “It’s best described as a game of guessing the decade of different objects and thought patterns.”. That doesn’t sound all that fun.

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