The Day and Night Cycle

Moon and Sun are friends. They always have been; they’ve been together since the beginning of the earth, and they used to hope to be like that until the end. Sun still does. Moon, on the other hand, has different plans.

Moon and Sun used to have another friend named Earth. They loved Earth dearly, and they were a trio. Sun had always been optimistic, kind and happy. Earth was creative and unique, always trying to come up with new things. Finally, there’s Moon. Moon never felt like she was enough for Sun and Earth. She felt like a burden, but stuck around anyway.

One day, Earth had come up with a new invention: the human. He based the human off of the sun: smart, kind, and happy. the human was molded from various parts of the Earth and atmosphere, making him unlike anything they had ever seen. The human was big like the sun too, strong and muscular. The human was supposed to entertain Sun, Moon and Earth. He was supposed to give them something to talk about.

The days dragged on, and the human was a huge hit! He would explore Earth’s surface, and use Earth’s materials in ways they never thought to use them for. They adored the Human. However, Earth wanted more.

Earth was curious as to what the Human would do if it had a team, so he made another human. This one was different from the first. She was modeled more after the moon this time. Earth took inspiration from Moon’s craters, and he gave the new human curves, unlike the other one.

The two humans were skeptical of each other at first, but soon, they became a team, just like Earth had wanted. Moon, Sun and Earth watched the humans as they explored and learned more things about the Earth. What they did not expect was for the humans to look inside themselves and learn about their abilities.

Eventually, the humans learned how to reproduce. It was a beautiful sight for Sun, Moon and Earth, and they loved watching more life being brought into the Universe. So, they let it continue. This also inspired Earth to make more humans with different materials so they would look different, and so he did.

The Earth was content with how the humans lived. They made his friends happy, and he adored them himself. However, over time, the humans began to take so much from Earth that he began to feel weak. Moon and Sun worried for the Earth, but they didn’t know what to do. They could only watch as their friend grew more and more sick.

Moon felt useless. She wanted to do something, no, she had to do something to help Earth. So, she moved in a little closer to Earth so that the humans would notice her. She felt stupid at first, because the humans didn’t seem to care. But one day, they talked about her.

Earth shakily reported to Sun and Moon that the humans wanted to explore Moon. Moon felt elated! Her plan worked! However, her friends did not share her excitement. They were filled with fear. Earth didn’t want Moon to feel the way he did, and Sun was scared that because of how much smaller Moon was than the Earth that the Moon would die. This did not weigh too heavily on Moon’s mind.

Eventually, the humans made their way to Moon. They dug a flag into her, and walked around on her surface. More and more humans poured onto her, and started to talk about sending humans to live there. Moon didn’t mind, but Sun was outraged.

Sun didn’t want to watch his friends get sick, so he started inching closer to the Earth too, hoping to attract humans. Moon did not want Sun to fall into the same trap. If one of the three could be healthy, she hoped, it would be enough. So she chased him away from Earth.

Sun, being smart, circled around Earth, still getting closer. So Moon kept chasing, slowing him down. Their chase still goes on to this day. It is known as the day and night cycle.

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