The Jukebox

Jant walks into the antique store in the hopes he would finally find it: the perfect anniversary gift. Their relationship was one based on tradition. They were some of the few couples who insisted in having a marriage ceremony, they still entertained themselves with a flat screen tv, and played the almost century-old game of banana grams.

And this anniversary was special. Jant hadn’t been home much lately and by the time they actually saw each other they were too tired to do much, same old same old. So tonight needed to be perfect.

“Hi, I’m looking for a musical device. I believe it was a favourite in parties decades ago. You would load it with songs and then chose your favourite… I think it was called a Jukebox?”

The shopkeeper didn’t move or said anything, she just stared into him with though it didn’t seem like she was seeing anything. “Hmm…” She finally grunted, “I think I might have what you’re looking for.” She then disappeared behind a curtain into the back room, and Jant could just about make out her figure shuffling through the shelves. She finally resurfaced holding a small box with some headphones attached. “Is this what you were looking for?” She handed him the device which had a detachable case with a plastic film in it. When Jant hit play the film started turning but he couldn’t hear anything.

“No, this doesn’t feel right, I believe the Jukebox is smaller and didn’t have these many buttons. It had an apple on the back.”

The woman looked annoyed, now, but she did not despair and went back to rummage through the disorganised shelves. At that point she had forgotten what little device was what, and why would anyone want a piece of scrap like that anyway. ‘It’s not like there aren’t great music players now,’ she thought.

“A-ha!” Jant finally heard the shopkeeper say. “Did you find it?” Jant asked in anticipation. “I believe so”. She walked back to the counter and handed him a small flat device with a white wheel and a tiny screen. He’s smile kept getting bigger and his eyes wider as he stared in awe: “This is exactly it! Thank you!”

“If you don’t mind me asking… Why a jukebox?” Asked the shopkeeper tentatively as she was wrapping up the jukebox in paper mache.

“Well, it’s for my partner... We’ve not been in sync lately, so I want to get them a nice thing to celebrate our anniversary. When we started goingCher they kept talking about how their great grandma had a Jukebox, and she loved it, my partner told me how she had all her favourite songs there and she would dance around the house listening to it. The jukebox past on to her granny and then to her mom, but by the time it got to them it was damaged and didn’t last long. I’m hoping this will cheer them up and help them feel like they’re still connected to their great grandma. I’ve been to ten stores trying to find a functioning one…”

The shopkeeper finally smirked, it was the closer he’d get to a smile. “I hope your partner enjoys it” she said as she handed him the bag. “That’ll be $400.”

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