Tamara sighed and turned on the faucet to wash the blood off of her hands. She glanced at herself in the mirror, and golden eyes stared back at her. Eyes filled with magic.

She had just healed a young boy that had been attacked and robbed in town and left to die. She had repaired his stab wounds, sewing them back together with her magic.

Someone burst through the door, making Tamara jump.

It was Mary, her assistant.

"Tamara! Please! Come quick, it's Mr. Brown!"

Tamara dried her hands on her skirt as she ran after Mary to her workshop. As she entered, she could see Mr. Brown laying on the examination table, groaning in pain.

"What's the issue?"

Mary gave Tamara a grim look and pulled down Mr. Brown's collar, showing grey, rotting flesh. Maggots infested the area, and the stench that filled the room was otherworldly.

"How did this..."

"I think... I think it was your magic."

"What do mean? That's impossible."

"It's happening all over town, and spreading over their bodies. Seems like it's starting at the place where you healed them originally and killing them slowly."

Tamara looked back to Mr. Brown and rolled up her sleeves. She hovered her hands over him with the intent to heal. The rotting spread immediately. Mr. Brown cried out in pain.

Tamara stumbled back and looked out in to the streets. Grey, already rotting corpses covered the street. She looked back to Mary with horror.

"How... how did this happen all of a sudden?"

Mary had tears in her eyes.

"I don't know."

Tamara looked at her hands like they were weapons. She watched as her fingertips turned grey, blinding pain overcoming her as she screamed.

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