Scales, A Witchcap And More?

My alarm blared for me to wake up at 7:30.

My groceries were due and minute now.

I paced back and forth, waiting for the initial knock, signaling that they had arrived.

Way past 9:20, a knock sounded, but instead of the regular,

‘Tap, tap, tap.’

It was,

‘Tap, tap, BANG, tap, tap.’

Confused already, I creaked open the door to find a small box. I hefted the box into my arms, unusually heavy, maybe 50 pounds! I brought it to my table which began creaking.

“Ughh,” I groaned, for I had not wanted to carry the box anymore. I lifted it again, with all my might, brought it to the floor and peaked open the top flap.

Revealing shiny, silvery flakes. I carefully removed the bag of them, setting them right to me.

I next hauled a couple bricks, maybe six, unusual because I know this store didn’t sell either item.

I rolled my eyes and continued, finding a folded up witches hat, now I was just creeped out.

I found yarn and hooks, thread and needles, accidentally making myself bleed.

Next I pulled out a broom, wait what?

“How in the world did a broom, of all things, fit in a 1 foot tall box?” I whispered to myself.

I looked at the address, reading 183 Nightengale dr, I packed up the box and delivered it, not caring if this went to the right owner or not, I just wanted it out of my house.

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