Who I Was Before

Hannah is, a quirky lady. She is always researching, learning more about the world, and all it has to offer! She’d recently seen an advertisement for a local therapist, who was offering one free session of hypnosis to enrich your mind by seeing your past life. Hannah is scheduled to meet with her tomorrow and honestly can’t wait! “What an exciting adventure, and who knows where it could lead!” The rest of the evening, Hannah can’t sleep a wink.

The next morning comes and all she can do is wonder who she was!! An important person in history?? An majestic animal?? Only time will tell.

She arrives at Candace Browns office, filled to the brim with a mix of excitement and nerves. “Hannah? Welcome sweetheart!! Please come in in!”

Hannah follows Candace to her office, then sinks into a plush suede couch and helps herself to a Hershey’s mini in her candy dish labeled “For my patients🙂”

“I’m so excited to meet you honey!! I’m pretty new and just trying to expand my practice. Thank you much for giving me a shot and if you’d tell you friends, I’d be ever so thankful! So you get comfortable. Find a position you feel good in and let’s begin!” Candace grabs a pocket watch and begins to speak. “You are in a safe place Hannah. Try to clear your mind, just keep your thoughts calm. We are going to let you glimpse at your previous life. Once I countdown from 3 you’ll be completely entranced. 3…2…1”

Hannah’s eyes pop open, unsure of what exactly is happening. She looks at her surroundings, taking it all in. It seems she’s somewhere warm, and quite sunny. She has on a pale yellow dress, with ruffles on the sleeves. Feels her hair clipped up and a bonnet covering her forehead. She looks for more clues and sees only houses for miles, many people congregated before her eyes. It seems she’s part of one of the first settlements coming from the Oregon Trail..

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