Dreaming In The Arms Of The Father

It was 2:34pm and I was on my way to work. It wasn’t the greatest job but at least I made money.

I didn’t enjoy being a waitress, serving everyone food, cleaning tables, staying late, not to mention my terrible boss. I guess he dropped out of school to start his own restaurant because he was only 20 years old, but he was a mean young man. I’d get to work just a minute late because I was helping my baby sister with her homework and he wouldn’t care, his stern voice would overpower my excuses every time.

I might as well quit, but I don’t. I need the money for my brother and sister, and I need to work with all my heart, if not for my siblings, for God. I do what I can with a smile even if i wish it was different.

It was my birthday and my boss asked me to come in to work, and I said yes because I’m always happy to help.

But suddenly right as I walked up to the steps of the restaurant a gust of wind passed by me and my eyes shut closed almost with a thud. My head was spinning as I opened my eyes.

Where was i?

It sure as heck wasn’t my work. Stars spun around my head, a buzz rang in my ears, and my eyes were blurry. When I readjusted my vision I could see the beauty of the world around me.

My imagination?

But I could feel the grass and touch the trees. It was real. But I didn’t want it to be real. I couldn’t help but think of my brother and sister home alone. My brother was nearly 15 and incapable of taking care of my little sister on his own, he didn’t even have a job. How would he provide for her? And not to mention my boss’ reaction if I didn’t show up. He would fire me. I need to be there. I looked at the watch on my wrist. My shift starts in 5 minutes.

I looked back up to the big tree in front of me and took a deep breath. I realized that this tree is the exact tree in my story. The one I wrote about 5 years ago. I used to write everyday until my mom died and I had to take on on the responsibility of the house. It was hard enough for my siblings growing up without a dad, and now they had to grow up without a mom too. I wanted to show to them love like mom showed me love.

What does it mean that this is the same tree? That story was a story of love. A story of paradise. The place is always dreamed of. A place of perfect peace. With butterflies and flowers all around me.

Suddenly I looked around and butterflies surrounded me and a field of a thousand flowers were in front of me. Maybe this the place of my dreams.

Just then I felt a warm feeling in my heart and voice whispering to me “your siblings will be okay” and I knew they were safe in that moment. This is where I am supposed to be.

“Thanks you Father.”

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