Game Over

“What the hell do you mean?” I shout back over the noises bombarding my ears through my headphones.

“Now! Attack, now!” She yells again, using her controller to press fire, the bullets coming out rapidly from her gun.

I fight off some of the dummies, kicking, firing my gun, trying to get closer to my partner in the battlefield, who was being preoccupied by a particularly large dummy.

“I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! I’M FUCKING — FIGHTING THEM OFF WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?” I scream back at this point, she shoots a quick glare at me before she looks back at her screen.

“We must attack,now! See that opening?” She points at the screen, but quickly goes back to press her controller, “FUCK! Ugh, Just get inside, okay? I’m holding some of them off now but it won’t be long till they have the opening covered so do me a fucking favor and RUN!”

I roll my eyes at her nagging, pushing my joystick forward as I run. Kicking a few dummies and avoiding their attacks as I slip through the opening she wanted me to get through.

“I’m in,” I tell her.

“Great, now get to the heart, we get the heart, we—“

“—We win the game, I know. I’ve played this game before, in case you forgot.”

“Whatever,” She mutters, probably intending for me not to hear. I don’t acknowledge it though, I just roll my eyes, running my character through the cave to the heart.

I’ve memorized this map with the millions of times that I’ve played this game, at this point, it was like it was implanted into the back of my head.

I spot the soft glowing of the heart, wrapping around the corner of the cave. I make a run for it, not forgetting the three guards standing around the heart to protect it.

I reload my gun. Stepping around the corner to face the three guards, shooting... one.. two..


“Fuck!” She yells. “Again?!”

She throws off her headphones and looks at me.

I roll my eyes, “Okay, sorry! Geez, it’s just a stupid game.”

“A game we spent 60 dollars respectively on. I’m not keep losing at this level,”

“Then how about YOU go and tru diving into the heart? Why does it always have to be me?”

“You know what? Fine, how about I dive. I never said it had to be you.”

Before we could even start a new round, our mom comes into the room, make up, and a red lip on. “Hey guys, we should get going in a few minutes. Finish up the game and get to the car, okay?”

“Okay,” We both say. The look of defeat growing on our face.

“How long have you been playing that stupid game, you STILL haven’t won?” Mom asks jokingly, but it makes us groan. She laughs in reply, “Just get dressed, we’re leaving in ten.”

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