She runs quickly, and jumps nimbly over the fallen logs. The thunder crashes deafeningly and ominously above the many trees which channel the lightning obligingly. This whole forest is going to catch on fire.

She sees a unicorn- starkly white, ethereally beautiful- stampeding blindly alongside several contrastingly hideous trolls. She can’t help but smile with malicious deviance. She loves the adrenaline that courses magically through her body.

All the fantastically normal and normally fantastical creatures of the coolly dark forest are escaping. She couldn’t help setting the fire- it was subconsciously beyond her control. Who’d ever heard of a nymph with arsonist-like tendencies? Certainly not her deadly conservative village. Not even when she volunteered for the largely dwindling fire service and began to experiment (rather tastefully) by giving her colleagues plenty of work to do daily.

What did they expect when they stupidly named her Sparkles? Certainly they thought there’d be glittering pale features and a wonderfully hypnotising voice. Instead they (ungratefully) received mysteriously smoky skin and a seductively husky voice.

The night of this incredibly long-awaited storm would be the absolutely perfect chance to show everyone what she is capable of. She had planned to do a show in the gorgeously moonlit clearing. She’d bend the lightning gracefully and they’d (hopefully) make her queen... or something like that.

But I’m reality they’d been completely terrified. Always hopelessly afraid of the damn dark, they were. This included uniquely colourful characters like Sparkles, whom they ran violently screaming from. She’d lost her razor sharp focus then, and the increasingly ancient trees had caught alight.

She just needs to reach the dauntingly steep cliff- then she’ll be struck with a bolt of heavenly pure electricity and be able to stop this horrifically raging fire and save everybody and their disappointingly panicked souls.

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