Little Clues

The morning sun rays fell on my face waking me up for yet another day. I rubbed my eyes and got up from the bed. Time for coy, I thought. The fuel that wakes me up and makes me go through the day. As I poured some ground coffee in the filter, filled it with water and switched it on. I opened the front door and picked the morning newspaper from the mat. It was my daily routine. Drink coffee and solve the crossword puzzle for the day. It helps me to jog up my sleepy mind in the morning. I opened the crossword section, folded the newspaper, took out my hb pencil and went through the clues one by one. One of them caught my attention. Hmm I thought why does that look familiar. It said, “the street name behind the board walk”. That was an easy one. Every month we visit the board walk with my friends. The street behind the board walk was our usual go to place to park our car since we don’t have to pay and it was at a reasonable walking distance from the boardwalk.

But why did

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