Festivity In The Seasons

On the days nearing May Eve,

Marigolds were strewn on window ledges.

Rowan branches placed above doors,

And byre spread on houses edges.

Milk was left out for the fairies

As an offering of sorts,

So they wouldn’t steal their children

Or mess with them for sport.

And on the peak of the spring,

Whilst the fairies reveled ‘round,

You could almost hear their music,

As an otherworldly sound.


On the day of Midsummers Eve,

Bonfires lit every hill and house.

Fairies filled with folly and joy,

And stole away mortals as their spouse.

There was dancing on the mounds

And some more in every home.

But when night fell they locked their doors,

For the gentry liked to roam.

Food was harvested in tons,

Drinks were shared by a dozen men.

And the summer went about

Until fall would come again.


On the day of November Eve

It was the gloomiest of them all.

For the winter started falling,

Leaving no trace of the fall.

The ghosts and pookas could be seen,

Bringing mischief in their revel.

Witches made their spells and curses,

While little girls talked to the devil.

Blackberries were no longer wholesome

For the pooka spoiled all of them.

Harvest came to its end for the year

And those who hummed would be condemned.

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