Karate Kid (remake With Smiths Son)

Lesson one: never ever, even when joking, say anything good about this remake.

For this reason, i refuse to complete this shit show. It’s a beat for beat retelling of the original without the soul, significance or even people with enough brain power to know that china and japan are TWO FUCKING DIFFERENT COUNTRIES! I mean he doesn’t even learn karate he learns Kung Fu.

Somehow the movie manages to make a scene for scene copy of karate kid without the meaning. I mean i cried in the original when Miyagi was drunk and going on about his wife and newborn sons death meanwhile in the remake when...i dont ember who Jackie Chan played has a mental break down and destroyed the car my reaction was “skip!!!!!”

And my biggest complaint is these are fucking ten year olds. A territorial battle over the school and a girl jut doesn’t work. Even worse Chan beast the shit out of a bunch of them!!!! Sure Miyaggi beat up some teenagers but its in a four out five against one match against fully fledged blackbelts!

If you agree please add on to my review,

If you disagree go get a cat scan because you might have brain damage.

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