A Blade Of Vengeance

I always thought myself good. A knight in shining armor, a hero to the throne. I’ve only just come to realize I may never have been the hero at all. And I’m certainly not now.


I grip the cool hilt of my sword, holding it towards Princess Meg. The shock takes a few seconds to register, before her face twists into a scowl of hate and betrayal. She should have never trusted a child of a traitor.

“Roselyn” she whispers, the tip pressing closer to her throat. My hands shake with each shuddered breath she takes.

I turn to the group of knights and gentry lying dead and cold on the ground. The ambush was quick. Swift like planned. And just like I expected, the princess trusted me. I’m her most precious knight after all.

“Please don’t do this” she says, her eyes fluttering closed. There is so much unsaid, so many mysteries we both will forever be left in. All I know is if she was willing to betray me, I must do what’s best for myself.

“Oh” I say, stalking closer as she takes a step back. Her white heels stomp on a dead man’s hand. “That sounds familiar.”

She lets out a sob.

“Was it what my sister said?” I ask. “Was it her last words before you commanded your knights to slaughter her? And my family?”

Her head shakes.

“Then tell me!” I put the sword to the side, grabbing Meg by her hair. Fire churns with every tear she lets out. “Tell me what she said, as you watched them slit her throat!”

“I-“ she says, her voice trailing off. “I didn’t order them to kill her.” Her eyes plead for me to listen. I won’t believe her lies again. “Just your parents. She was never part of it. I swear.”

I think back to the day I came from training to my bloody home. My sisters head was on the rug. I couldn’t find the heads of my parents.

I was fine they killed my parents. They betrayed the country. Caused so much death. A treacherous advisor, and a scheming maiden, two things my vow to knighthood stood against. But I guess knighthood means nothing when the innocent are killed.

“I don’t care!” I yell. She goes entirely rigid. “You cared not to tell me. Let me eat and sleep and live with those who took a blade to my sisters head.” I lift the sword and draw it to her neck, her head suspended by my grip on her golden hair.

“I’m sorry” she says again. Begs. “You don’t need to do this. Your not like-“

“Like what?” I interrupt. “My parents?” A wicked grin spreads across my lips. “I am but what I come from.”

I don’t know what she would respond to that. Because before the words leave her parted lips, my blade slices through bone and flesh. Her head rolls on the ground of death, stopping at the steps of the staircase.

All my wishes have come due.

I have betrayed, and killed, and forgotten all I’ve spent so long learning. But now all those who’ve celebrated with me before are reduced to blood and bone.

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