Peculiar Encounter

When the man with the briefcase approached me and asked me if I would like to be swept away to a paradise of wonders, I of course thought he was absolutely nuts. Something in me was screaming for a change that day, some vastly different from my everyday mundane routine, so I said yes. Flash forward a week later and I can’t manage to leave.

There’s something special about this place. I’m surrounded by waters so clear I can see straight through to the bottom. A whimsical assortment of sea creatures unlike any I have ever seen swim merrily through the water. The trees spread beautifully along the shoreline, leaving a scent I can only describe as comfort and familiarity in my nose. I often take the jet ski out to explore the never ending waters, letting every ounce of their water soak through to my pores. I am blissfully aware of the serenity my paradise holds as I lounge comfortably in peculiar shaped teal chairs.

I would have never known such amity if it were not for the peculiar encounter with the strange man with the briefcase.

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