Fight Back

The enemy was closing in and there was nothing we could do. We were stuck and there was nothing I could do to save my team. The only action we could take is attacking back. I don’t like violence. I know what you’re thinking. If I don’t like violence, then why did I join military? I joined because my parents were never proud of me and everything I did was never good enough. I heard the men coming in and I had to take action now. “We must attack, now!” I screamed. All the soldiers awoke and quickly gathered their guns to fight back. We marched forward until we say the enemy in the distance, and we waited for them to approach. Once they realized we were ready for them to fire, they waited. “What is going on” I heard one of my soldiers whisper. “I think they are trying to catch us off guard. Whatever you do, keep your guard up.” I whispered back, making sure the opposing team doesn’t here. “I see you heard we were coming in your direction.” General Dorball, the general of the enemy team, spoke. “Yes, sir. What is it to you, why do you think of attacking us at such an hour?” I answer. Before I had time to think, the opposing general fired a shot, and my men were falling to the ground one by one, leaving me with only 400 men left. I couldn’t think, I could only hear gunshots, and then there was nothing. I couldn’t see nor hear anything anymore. Then it hit me, I have been shot.

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