Ave was a survivor. They had survived the war and lived on the run for years now. Hell had come back to Ave in the form of the fatal or supposedly fatal match between them and their master, and now, well, Ave was lost. This scared them more than the face of death had.

On this tragic planet Ave was stuck without a means back off to safety and to civilization. For now Ave would have to think of how they could survive without anyone or anything besides dusty bones and old relics.

Ave pushed a relic around with their feet. Looked old for sure and quite jank. Ave continued going back and forth between their feet - the distraction took away the darkness from fear in their heart.

Back and forth it went until Ave could feel a flow from the object. A warmth. This relic would lead Ave out. In what way they didn’t know, but they could feel it. Light was beginning to return from the never ending twilight they were it. But it wasn’t the sky that lit. It was from below.

Below the crater came a ship - one good enough to fly away from the tragedy that occurred here. Hope swelled until it couldn’t drown anyone else.

Drown it did - not even Ave realized anything else - not the bending trees or the noise of dust settling that the dusty relics could speak. As relic had eyes and ears, it understood the chaos here.

So Ave made a run for it. Over the crater and past the enemy line. To the helicopter and off this tragic land.

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