After the three pigs

The wolf was not happy. His cousin AJ was wrapping him in bandages his orange fur bristling with anger. “Honestly Reg, I don’t like these pigs your describing. In Africa they’d be outcasts but I digress”.

The cousins talked more and the more they talked the more AJ’s mind built a strategy to take the pigs down.

The wolf and the lion walked up to the straw house. Reginald looked at AJ with desperation in his eyes. AJ smirked at his cousins face and extended a hand. Fire wreathed his paw with a liquid stream of fire sprung out and stopped just before the house. “Make a threat first Reg”

Reginald knocked on the door. No answer. He tried again. No answer. AJ rolled his eyes tilted his hand flames wrapping around the house “cracking cousin” AJ said a big smile rivalling his sister Cheshire. “You know you worry me sometimes” Reginald replied as he swore he could hear a squeal but he dismissed it as his imagination.

As they walked towards the stick house AJ suddenly thought of something. “ Hold on, didn’t you decimate the straw and stick house. They much have a ton of determination to get them rebuilt in just one afternoon and haven’t they heard of learning from mistakes.”

As they approached the stick house Reginald noticed that there were two pigs inside. Salivating at the opportunity, both lion and wolf huddled. After a quick scheme, AJ knocked on the door. The pig opened the door his straw hat pressing against the doorframe. The pigs cracked Texan drawl made AJ wince “Who are ya and why ya here” AJ silently wished his sister was here. Cheshire was always better with social magic “ hello, mr pig my cousin and I are new to the area and we wanted to get acquainted my I come in.” The pig felt himself being pushed aside as the lion walked past him ignoring all of the first and second pigs protests sitting down and started to twiddle his thumbs as unbeknownst to the pigs a magenta sheen covered the door suddenly the wolf stepped in through the window “ consider this a second attempt” AJ remarked staring at his now out phone. The two pigs squealed as the wolf making efficient work of two pigs. “Why didn’t you join in cuz” Reginald said angrily AJ looked up “This ain’t my fight I’m just given’ you a hand”

The third pig would be a challenge AJ flicked through his spell book and grinned at the page. He showed Reginald who laughed they walked up the the brick house.

AJ made a sweeping motion with both of his hands. A green pulse of energy hit the house the bricked started levitating into a pile. AJ was unmaking the house. Reginald looked at his African cousin and wondered about AJ’s arcane dabbling before dismissing the thought as the shocked face of the prim and proper third pig came into view. He got ready to pounce.

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