“Promise me you won’t laugh at me.”

My tears troubled my eyes

“I saw you as my future, but now I see you as my lies..”

My heart beat stopped as you laughed

My body didn’t choose to run away,

But with the hurt that you had given me,

I couldn’t bare to stay.

I heard you yell “I’m sorry,” in a painful, bitter voice.

I knew you didn’t mean it, but you left me with no choice.

I ran across the surface of the grassy hills,

Searching for the highest mountain, that could leave me cold and maybe killed.

When I found the perfect height, my body filled with fright.

I might have chose to jump, and turning off the light.

I didn’t stop to think about the people I would hurt.

I didn’t care to think about the lesson you had learnt.

Finally I had no grass beneath my feet,

But I heard a voice say “i love you”

And it grabbed me to retreat.

That night my head spun, wanting to go back.

But you never laughed again, and to me that was a fact.

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