McKayla 3

Jeni was standing at the edge of the bridge looking into the shadows where I stood below. She was going to jump, I knew it. I could either stay here and try to catch her, try to talk her out if it, or just leave and pretend I didn’t see anything. If I tried to catch her we would both be hurt, but I can’t do nothing. I guess option three is out.

I would just call up to her, but I’m sure from where I’m standing she can’t see me. I don’t want to startle her and have her fall off the bridge. I needed a way to keep her there until I could get to her.

I start moving my legs but they feel thick as tree trunks, and heavy too. I feel a burning sensation as I watch as my best friend jumps into the fiery lava under the bridge causing a huge wave to wash over me. Before the lava even singes the hairs on my arms I wake up, drenched in sweat.

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