A Deadly Queens Throne

“If nobody is going to take care of the Queen then I will!” Cameron yelled

“I don’t think that’s a good idea..I mean that’s your mom- just wait for the crown” Cameron’s servant Macie said nervously

“ She’s my STEP- Mom not my real mom Macie..remember that!!”

“I know it’s just..wouldn’t you be sent for execution..”Macie asked gracefully

“Macie..I am the law, well I will be when she’s dead- and nobody will find out if I hide up the evidence!” Cameron yelped

As Cameron walked away Macie was left in shock but she new that she had to stop Cameron.

“I need to find the queen…she should be on her throne…”Macie asked

“Oh I took care of her a few minutes ago, I guess your to late to the game Macie!” Cameron said with a jerky smirk

“Look Cam I don’t know what your thinking but why would you ever kill her, she’s old..you should’ve just waited until she hit the hay” Macie stared into her eyes

“Macie it’s to late, shes locked up starving with the others!”

“Wait Cameron what do you mean others..”

“Whenever somebody gets in MY way, there gone!” Cameron said with a psycho killer look

“B-but that’s illegal!!”

“Macie I’m being crowned queen later today, the rules will change..and if you don’t keep quiet you’ll be next!” Cameron said looking at Macies scared expression

Macie walks away and gets ready for Cameron to get ready and wait for the guests.

Cameron starts walking down the gold staircase with the happiest fake smile anyone could ever concoct.

“Princess Cameron do you accept that for your-“ The royal duke said while being cut off by Cameron

“Yeah- yeah- I accept and all of that, now let’s get to the crown”

The royal duke steps up with a golden crown with polished gems on the top

“No! That is not the crown I wanted- Go fetch the one I ordered you to make!” Cameron states at the royal duke

His eyes widen but he went into the other room..

The royal duke walks back to the throne with a crown that looked as if it was made of bones!

Macies eyes shot up, she had an idea on who’s bones they were…

“Your crown is made of the people’s bones and hunger?” Macie whispered into Cams ear

“Yes I would like to wear what I achieved, and I achieved being crowned queen by handling it myself!”

Only Cameron and Macie really new the truth behind her crown..and the recent amount of missing people, or shall we say dead people..

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