Apathy: Noun

Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

Emotions came in rivers and waves-

Laughing crying screaming raves-

Childhood passions vast as caves-

Now they float to shallow graves.

It wasn’t slow it wasn’t fast-

It felt like it had been my past-

One morning I woke to see-

I couldn’t come to care about me.

My friend glowed with glittering smiles-

While I felt abandoned in my trials-

She laughed she cried she burst with rage-

My heart was but an empty cage.

She was perfect I was cold-

Barely had lived but hollow and old.

Then one night in the party shadow-

I found her without her heart aglow-

Her eyes were dim her mind was cold-

She looked young but felt so old-

I leaned on the wall with her to-

And found out what was true-

All that glitters is not gold-

And we all feel tired and old.

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