Under the influence

21st October 2024

I’m going to quote a song for you, ‘Oh dear diary, I met a boy’. The new guy at school, Dan is sooooo cute. I almost died when he asked me for a pen in biology.

23rd March 2025

Dan flirted with me today! I’m so happy.

27th March 2025

Dan’s an arsehole. He flirted with me all week and then I find him kissing Ellie at Lucas’ party. Fuck him.

29th April

I wish Dan would leave me alone. He’s so creepy I don’t know why I ever liked him. It’s sods law isn’t? The second I stop liking him he gets all handsy. Well not handsy yet but I’m fearful.

5th May

My head is throbbing. I have no idea what I did last night but fear for the worst. I think it involved Dan.

UPDATE! It did involve Dan. I slept with him. I am such an idiot. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

7th June

I’m scared of Dan. He keeps making lude remarks and iniendoes around and about me. I don’t want him anymore but I’m afraid he doesn’t care about that.

10th June

I did it again. When will drunk me realise I don’t want him. What do I do?

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