The New Friend

Time for another day at school i wake up and head downstairs for school ‘’hi Mya’’ said my mom ‘’ hi mom’’ i eat my lunch and head to school. I arrive at school and head to my first class i see a new face. It’s a boy he’s tall and has brown hair with dark brown eyes. Just then the teacher ask everyone to partner up and says ‘’Mya how about you pair up with mike‘’Mike must be the new kid cause he looks at me when the teacher says that. I walk over and introduce myself ‘’hi im Mya’’ ‘’ hi im mike we could go to my house after school for the project’’says mike. ‘’Alright ill see you after school’’ at the end of the school day i see mike and ask him if he’s read to go ‘’ yeah im ready let’s head over’’ says mike. We arrive and as im about to step inside i notice its dark and woody i notice something ‘’I’m not what i seem‘’says mike as i look at the difference between the after life and the present life.

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