“Don’t rush me. I’m being as careful as I can.”

Washington was about to intersect before he paused and considered the circumstances.

He’d much rather Tucker be careful then quick.

“Ok, ok.” He rationalized. “Just don’t hurt her.”

He could hear Tucker scoff from under the porch. “How do you even know it’s a girl?” He hissed before mumbling something Wash didn’t hear but could only assume was along the lines of ‘know it all hard ass’

Wash rolled his eyes. “Because I was a vet.”

Tucker didn’t respond and kept still and for a moment Wash was unsure if everything was ok.

Maybe their was a snake or raccoon and he fucked up asking Tucker to go down there.

A quiet purr was heard followed by quick rustling and next thing Wash knew; Tucker was crawling out, out of breath, twigs and leaves sticking to his clothes as he rushed out and leaned against the wooden frame with a huff.

“I’m not doing it.” He stated seriously.

Wash frowned. He understood where his boyfriend was coming from, but he was still disappointed. “Come on, you haven’t even tried yet.”

Tucker whined and curled his head into his knees. “Waaaaash.” He complained before lifting his head up to look at him. “I hate cats.”

“What are you dirty blues up to?!” Sarge growled from his front porch, catching the attention of both Wash and Tucker.

Donut was out of the same house a second later, playfully swatting Sarge on the arm. “Sarge, be nice.” He continued his march down the porch stairs and headed towards Tucker and Wash, leaving Sarge to follow.

“There’s a rodent under the porch.” Tucker stated, giving a weak glare to Wash.

Washington returned the look before looking towards Donut. “A kitten.” He corrected. “There’s a kitten under the porch.”

Donut smiled. “Ooo, I wanna see!” He gushed, kneeling down in front of the porch and arching his head under to get a better look.

“Donut!” Sarge barked. “Get your head out from under there! You have no idea what the blues are planning. There could be killer rats or radioactive rats or-“

“There’s no killer rats.” Wash interrupted. “And our only plan was to have Tucker crawl under and get her out, I think she’s stuck.”

Tucker pouted. “Why can’t you do it?” He grumbled.

“Because I won’t fit.”

“You’re too damn tall.”

Wash smirked. “Not my fault your so short.”

Tucker was about to argue back when Donut shot up. “I’ll do it!” He said quickly as he began climbing under.

It didn’t take long for Donut to untangle the kitten from wherever it was or for Wash to be proven right that it was a girl -even after multiple dejections from Sarge- and soon everyone, including Grif and Simmons from next door, who had come outside to see what all the commotion was, had crowded around the small creature. That was everyone, but Tucker.

“Dibs.” Grif said quickly.

“You can’t call dibs.” Wash

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