The Secret Of Saturdays

My family knows my hobbies and how I admire the Art as evey Saturday i draw a piece of art for different kinds of little cosine showed a competition in dubai for artists and who will win the competition will get 500000 million dollars and will make film video for him to be famous.I didn’t recognise the competition and even though i know myself i will not take this prize it’s for who has a luck and i know I don’t have.

When I’m setting talking with the family I received a message from unknown number says that my arts has been accepted to enter the competition and the final competition will be in September in dubai and they sent the details of the travel i kept reading the messages surprisingly and happily i asked myself how is that ?! I read the message with my highly voice and my cosine responded yes!!! You deserve it happy birthday dear that was a cutest gift i had ever seen i huged her and thanked there for sending my arts there she said i sent your Saturday’s arts that you are usually does for us aww how lovely you are

I decided with myself that it is my chance to put myself as a real artist i kept drawing and drawing as iam a greenhorn in a competitions so i draw every Sundays Mondays Tuesdays wednesdays i worked so hard as I dreamed that i will be the winner and take that prize

Finally the date came closer and closer and I’m jittery it’s my chance yes to be successful and get out from those doldrums years that i was in tomorrow has come and I became infront of the hallowed judges the time has alerted and I started to give all my effort in thos piece of art i drew alot of birds get out of the cadge it relates to the freedom the judges understood my art and thanked me for this idea and respected it finally they announced the winner and they mentioned my name I can’t believe that i will took this prize and i my dream comes true!

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