The Hirinata Tomb

I barely made it out alive. Well, barely is an overstatement. I escaped about 4 seconds before I would have died. But how I almost died, that’s the real story behind this.

I was on my way to the Hirinata tomb. They say it holds many treasures, and priceless artifacts from around 100,000 years ago. After a month in the mountains, I finally found the cave that held it. It was surprisingly kinda close to the bottom. But not that close. It had a scroll with words on it near the entrance, but it was too dark to read it. Cautiously, I climbed inside. It was practically pitch black. I fumbled around in my bag for a flashlight. I flicked the switch, and it flickered on, lighting up the cave. Turns out I wasn’t in a cave though, just a tunnel. I shone my flashlight down the tunnel, trying to see if there was any light. But like, besides my flashlight. No matter how hard I squinted, it was still dark, so I decided to just go through the tunnel. I shined my flashlight across the walls. There was probably some booby traps or something. Just in case.

I felt like I was walking for like, 5 hours. But finally, I saw some light. I was so glad to have reached the end.

Yeah, turns out it wasn’t the end.

When I got to the end of the tunnel, there was just a small room. I saw a small platform with a gigantic gold diamond floating a few inches from it. There was a ton of treasures surrounding it on the floor. I think my jaw dropped a bit too. I think I found the tomb.

I bent over to examine a gold necklace, but then I hesitated. The scenario was suspiciously like Aladdin. Then, I turned my attention to the diamond. Well, you could take the lamp, but nothing else, so......

I carefully grabbed it and was about to leave when I saw a small table in the back or the room. And there was a giant thing wrapped on it. It kind of freaked me out, to be honest. I was about to leave then but I tripped. I sprawled our across the floor. A ring was right on top of my stomach, which FYI, hurt a lot. My hand accidentally touched a necklace, and then the room started rumbling. Some small rocks almost hit me on the head, but I dodged it just in time. Then, I heard I giant roar from the back. I turned and looked and the wrapped thing was starting to rise. I went through the entrance and ran through the tunnel, clutching the diamond and praying I made it. Well, obviously I did, otherwise I wouldn’t be telling you this. I ran out of the tunnel right before it collapsed, giant rocks covering the entrance. I sat on a rock, panting. Then, the rocks starting rumbling again. The rocks suddenly burst apart, revealing the monster. I didn’t get a good look at it, but before I ran, and before it ran after me, I saw on his face, a giant, single eye.

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