As If This Would Be The End

As if things weren’t already broken

Pieces unaccounted for

What made this demolition any different…

I usually hammer in my points

And you bull-doze through the argument.

Then we break for lunch.

By end of day we’ve cooled off

But now morning has crawled to our front door

I didn’t hear when you left

But your presence is missed

Your absence is felt

Will our paths cross?

Or will we continue to brew a storm?

I’m the problem.

Know it all


Nonchalant in approach

All defensive mechanisms

I’m Working on letting go.

You’re the problem

Stuck on selfish


Bails in the rain.

But comes around when it’s shining

Make your mind up!

Problems swept under the rug

Emotional Volcanoes bond to erupt.

We’re in love. But communication is taking rust

And now we’re fighting over a storm in a tea cup

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