Journal Entries of a Father

Journal Entry December 12, 1998

I received good news today: My wife and I are having a baby. I'm over the moon with this news, but my wife not so much. She is happy, but the future of our child can either be a happy one or a grave one; my wife, knowing the consequences, is wracked with fear and anxiety. I am not sure if I should be writing this down. Still, since I am writing this in a language only a handful of people know.

My wife's family is… unique. There is a prophecy of sorts that surrounds the women of the Knotley family. A girl whose magical abilities would rival her ancestors and could end the realms as we know it will be born. Over the centuries, the magical abilities of the Knotley family have decreased, and there is a possibility that our child would not possess any magic at all.

Journal Entry September 9, 1999

Our daughter, Amelia, was born today at precisely nine o'clock PM.

She had a peculiar birthmark on her left temple that had mysteriously disappeared nine hours after birth. Margaret saw it as a sign. I tried to reassure her that nothing would happen. It had been too long, and the magic was dwindling through the times, my wife being the last Knotley ever to have any magic. (If only I knew then what I do now, I would have been more cautious)

Journal Entry December 20, 1999

This year is Fastly coming to an end, and with each year passing, more and more creatures are breaking through. We have yet to find out how; for now, we are just focusing on the more dangerous ones. In my research, I have discovered a heavily reported spotting of strange creatures far north in a small town called Cypress. We have gotten many warnings from Margret's family about going there; they believe for a witch, it is a death sentence, and there's a reason why the Knotley family doesn't live there anymore. It is our only lead in stopping this infestation. With so many sightings, it must mean an opening somewhere. (I was a fool)

Journals Entry March 5, 2000

The move was successful. We found a house for sale on the outskirts of town. It has been empty for some time; word has it that it might be haunted, and it took some time to unpack between our work and taking care of our new baby. Still, today marks the day we have officially moved into our new place. My wife has been acting strange lately. She had been spacing out with a glazed look as she stared out the kitchen window, muttering words under her breath. I'm concerned about what this place may be doing to her. Just earlier today, she blurted out, "The energies are wrong. Two powers are clashing." When I asked what she meant, she didn't answer and continued staring out the window. (I should have looked more into it. should have done more for her, for both of them) I may have pinpointed where the creatures could be coming through; I set out tomorrow to check out the area.

Journal Entry November 18, 2005

Margaret is doing better, but I fear for our daughter's safety. We had to pull her out of school. Kids were not kind to her, knowing she was a Knotley. The parents were unhappy about their kids going to school with a witch. Margaret has been homeschooling her for now.

We've been working with a sorcerer named Ven; he says he is in charge of keeping the portals closed between realms, but for some reason, they have been opening without his knowledge. He's been trying to fix it for some time now. (we shouldn't have trusted him) We devised a plan: Ven and I would go out and hunt the creatures and shove them back into the other realm while Margaret stayed with Amy. (Amelia is far more powerful than we have thought. What can we do to control it?)

Journal Entry May 5, 2010

I'm losing my mind between the creatures and handling Amelia and her little problem. Her powers are connected to her emotions; Margaret has been trying to keep Amy calm, but nothing seems to work.

Ven has been a great help over the years as a man of magic. He knows what to do; he taught us how to make a tea that will keep Amelia's powers under control (the tea was a mistake. It acted more like a drug. We fear what would happen if she stops drinking it. Would her powers come back full force? This isn't the way to help her, but we don't know what else to do.)

Journal Entry June 10, 2010

We can't take her off the tea. We've tried. It's never good when she doesn't have it. She was in hysterics the other day, screaming about a vision she saw that made us both pale. Amy relayed her vision, tears streaking down her cheeks, a hot cup of tea clutched in her hands. She saw us in the forest surrounded by headstones (the old witch cemetery); a storm raged around us as we fought a mysterious cloaked figure with a birdman, his hands engulfed in flames (Xelalle Moonfall). Lightning flashed, and all fell silent. The vision could have been anything, but we fear something grave will come to us while on a mission. Ven says there shouldn't be anything we need to worry about; he said he could take care of it. I need to have faith in his capabilities. (shouldn't have trusted him)

Journal Entry

Ven says they are coming; we have a lot to prepare. They are becoming more powerful, but where are they getting it from? I have my suspicions of Ven. He may be hiding something. What can I do? Margaret is too calm about this whole thing. She says not to worry, but how can I not?

Journal Entry October 31, 2015

We set out tonight. Ven will meet us there in the old cemetery. The weather outside is glum. Let's hope the storm doesn't come in. A weight hangs above us all as if everyone knows the dire outcome of tonight. I've been reviewing past journal entries (I was too naïve). Later, I will hide all of our research, for if something ever happens to us, Amy will never know what her parents were working on, and if she does and can read them, I hope she will understand.

Amelia hasn't had any problems over the past years, and we are grateful. She is still drinking the tea. (if anyone finds my journals, know you can't trust Ven. He has hidden important information. The other realm was once part of this world; the prophecy we knew was wrong. A Knotley witch can bring destruction, but peace shall come to both worlds.)

Ven has found information on the strange birthmark that appeared on Amelia's temple when she was born; the birthmark is a magic symbol marking Amelia as the one to either save or destroy the world. (Ven must stay away from her. She mustn't know what she is and the power she possesses).

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