Silver Streak

(Part of "The Last Wolf Rider" series)

Lyria looked at herself in the mirror, her finger curling the silver streak of hair that framed her face. Lyria didn’t know why her hair, especially in that one spot, had turned silver but she didn’t mind it one bit as it always felt like she had a piece of Argenta with her.

Argenta too, had begun to go darker in spots around her mane, a deep brown that almost perfectly matched Lyria’s own hair. It was as if the two of them had done more the just bonded that day in the woods all those years ago. It was if the two of them were connected by something that neither of them could fully understand.

Lyria’s suspicions of something deeper were only bolstered as she gazed into her own eyes, those deep brown eyes, that were also lined with silver. Her irises were lined with a very thin, but very noticeable, silver line that Lyria sometimes found glowing when ever she looked close enough.

Lyria had done some research back home to see if anyone of the past Kramora or past Wolven had anything similar. She almost spent everyday for about a week searching and ended with her almost wanting to burn the library down.

Lyria turned from the mirror and strode over to the window. She smiles as she saw Argenta laying flat out on the grass, soaking up the sunlight. Her silver fur shimmering in the light making her a rare and breathtaking sight. Lyria chuckled as Argenta let out a sound similar to a snore.

A nap would be lovely right now, Lyria thought as she jumped out the window. Lyria stoke across the grass, the coolness of the soft green blades feeling good against the warmth and tiredness of her feet. She laid down beside Argenta, the wolf merely raising her head in acknowledgement of Lyria’s presence. Lyria kissed Argenta’s nose and laid her head against the wolf’s shimmering silver fur.

There in the afternoon sun, Lyria let the world disappear, as she drifted off in comforting sleep, the mysteries of her silver streak, fading back into her subconscious, a worry for another day.

(The silver streak in Lyria’s hair as well as the dark spots on Argenta are important to the story as well as the overall appearance of Lyria and Argenta.)

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