Humanity’s Neighbors

There is a species who have long inhabited the earth. Their presence is not undetected as humans flitter over them, but their intentions are. Their small bodies inching along, their so-called “metamorphosis” after the case of the munchies. Concerning, it is, how easily mankind can fall unaware without realizing it.

Of course, whom I speak of is none other then the catepillar. Prickly to velvety, chubby to thin, colorful to camouflage. From gentle Flamembrust to territorial Trewd to extroverted Monarchs, they surround us carefully.

They have come to protect us.

After extensive research, we have concluded they arrived one day from the galaxies, narrowly escaping predators (probably Wadens). Using powers of negotiation, they convinced mankind caterpillars are natural and have been there all along.

Each caterpillar represents a shield of invisibility in the atmosphere. Dangers to humans like Congrafs, Wadens, Plinre, and more have passed by, unaware of tiny and colorful Earth.

They have made a home here. How lucky we are to have such wonderful neighbors! Never intruding on boundaries, pollination, beauty. Humanity hit the jackpot.

Of course, they have traditions. All cultures do. Yearly meetings when they travel to the higher-ups’ villas. Sweet sunshine. It has been proven that they highly value willow, cherry, and apple leaves, a scrumptious case. They live short but purposeful lives, pleased with Earth delectables and spacious attribute.

Our goal is knowledge, expansive learning, and agreeable friendship with these neighbors. Please keep that in mind as their annual meeting grows nearer.

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