An interesting Pinocchio story

There was a man who loved inventing. From a young age said man would do his best to build himself things that would keep him entertained at the time. However as the man grew older he began to realize that the things he once built that’s purpose was to bring him joy, no longer did so. If anything, the man felt compelled by his own creations and by everyone around him. The man felt alone, surrounded by years of his inventions and work. As time passed by the man decided it wouldn’t hurt to build one last thing. So gathering his final strength, the man worked and worked until he had made something he never had before. A wooden boy- a puppet with a colorful attire, big eyes, and long nose. And suddenly the man could remember why he loved to invent things again. Because if he was able to make his creations come to life in their own way, then he considered himself successful. However, one morning the wooden puppet disappeared. The man searched and searched until he happened to find the boy dancing in his kitchen, leaping up with joy and clapping his hands. The man stood in shock, rubbing at his eyes in denial at the sight in front of him. Because there in front of him, was the boy he had made out of wood a few nights before- and now he had come to life. Literally.

“Hi!” The boy gleamed upwards towards the man, suddenly reaching out to take his hands.

The man gawked but didn’t protest as the boy pulled the man into the middle of the kitchen to sway to the beat of the music.

“Yeah now you’re getting it!” the boy encouraged, circling around the man as the music continued. “I knew you could do it! You can do anything you set your mind to.” The man smiled.


he woke up.

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