The life of Her.

“She Tucked A Stray Curl Behind Her Right Ear. Her Brown Curls Surrounding the top of Her Head as would a golden crown. Each strand giving life and making a statement of the young 25 year old, she was a queen without a kingdom.

Young Tierra was what you call a homebody and rarely spoke unless first spoken to. However, when provoked, she is known to leave storms in her wake. God Bless the man who receives her hand. In marriage that is!

It was a warm fall night. The beginning, you know? Like When the leaves first start to fall and change colors. Beautiful was one word for it. At least it would have been except for…”

Amber sets her book facedown on the mahogany coffee table set in her studio apartment, the safe side of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was born and raised here, so she did not expect what was to happen next…

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