Why Would she Like Someone Like Me

The Girl

I’m the leader of the math club

I have glasses the size of my hand

I sit in the bathrooms at lunch

I ware over sized sweatshirts and sweat pants

I don’t have a lot of friends

I don’t like sports

I’ve never had a boyfriend

But I have good grades

I have an inhaler

I have my books

I have my perfect record

But that will never be good enough for him

Because he is the the football captain

He has nice hair

He has lots of friends

He wares expensive clothes

And he sits with the cool girls at lunch

Why would he every love someone like me.

The Boy

I’m the captain of the football team

I have messy hair that gets in the way

I sit with a lot of people at lunch

I ware tank tops and leggings

I have too many friends

I don’t like math

I’ve never felt true love, but I’ve felt fake love, well until now

But I have a scholarship

I have lots of girls who swoon over me

I have a father and a mother who love me

I have my Ds and Cs in every class

But that will never be enough for her

Because she’s the leader of the math club

She has a funny personality

She has kindness

She wares casual and doesn’t care what other think

She sits by her self at lunch and studies

Why would she ever love someone like me.

To everyone

Never judge your self for others you are who you are and no one has the right to put you down. This is a symbol of difference, these two people are so different because they have been stereotyped. But that doesn’t change there love, and it shouldn’t. No one should loose love over label that they have been given, because the only label that matters is how you label yourself. Have a good day my dreamers🧩!

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