My Hateful friend

I was getting bored lying down waiting for Alexandra to get back Home. She has been out of the house for over 10 minutes. We were supposed to be preparing for an outing and until now, I feel she is doing it on purpose. I don't understand why she can be a bit considerate. My minds take me to the past of scenes where something similar has happened and little by little, I am beginning to feel dissatisfied with her actions. I stood up from the chair to Alexandra's table. I hear a vibration on the table, I check to see that Alexandra has forgotten her phone. Curious, I picked up the phone to check who is calling, seeing the name, I got excited to play a prank on the caller. I answered the call and spoke in a robotic voice,” Hello, how may I help you”, The person on the other side ended the call immediately. I busted into laughter, after I noticed that my prank work. With a little drop of tears falling from the eyes, and trying to wipe it away with the back of my hands, smiling at my mischievousness. I noticed an icon of an unsent message on Alexandra pone, I was curious, and tapped on it. I saw the first line and felt a chill down my spine.

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