Our First Psycho

D. A. V. I. S, and that’s how my sister and I spell devil

We’ve all been friends since the 3rd grade but ever since we hit high school..something in Davis changed

He acted suspicious but also creepy

He would stand in the hallways watching me and my sister go by him

He would follow us to our next class

Then worst of all..he would follow us outside of school

My sister, Leah was the first one to detect his psycho moves

Like when he was following us, she always turned around and saw nothing but she knew he was there…somewhere

Since she was my sister though..I trusted her

We kept laying low until it got worse!

He followed us to our house

We heard his loud deep breathes behind us flushing forward into our ears

Since I knew he saw our address I couldn’t stop thinking about what he would do..I couldn’t sleep at all

It was hot in my room so as I turned to open the window for a fresh gust of air..I saw Davis

Looking at me with his wide frightening eyes

I screamed but by the time my sister came to my room..he was gone

Our lives were getting harder and harder because of him

Davis wasn’t an ordinary stalker, he chased us too

One day he chased us all the way into the woods until we reached the end of a sharp cliff

I looked at my sister with a sharp look on my face telling her what’s next

I grab my sister’s hand and pull her towards the cliff edge with me.

She nods slowly in my direction.We jump.

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