The day started out beautiful, the sun was out and there was not a cloud int he sky. This is the Day the little town of Asherville changed. In the small town of Asherville, everyone knew each other, so there was little chance something bad could happen. When a mysterious man walked into the local diner wearing all black the locals knew something was up. He sat in the corner booth isolated from the rest of the resturant. No one could see where he was looking because of the hood over his face, but Bridget knew he was looking at her. She couldnt shake the feeling of his eyes on her everymove.

Later that day Bridget was getting ready to go for a run. When she walked out the front door and started jogging down the path, she noticed a black car following her. She learned to make a full circle to see if she was actually being followed, so she took the next left, and the next left and the next and finally the last left to make the full circle. The car was still behind her. Bridget had the habbit of leaving her phone at home when she went for runs because she loved listening to the sounds of nature.

After sensing this was not right, she took the path into the woods. When she heard the car stop and a the door close leting her know someone got out of the car she started running faster. In the hace to get a way from the stranger she knew was following her, she tripped on a tree root and fell. When she went to get up, she was pushed to the ground by a hard shove, she turned around to see the guy wearing all black with a hood on. The last thing she was was the guy taking off his hood, and his green pericing eyes. Then everything went black.

Bridget was stabbed and her hand lay there in the grass like she was reaching for something. Later that day, when the crocc country team ran that path, they found bridgett dead. The cops found no trace of evidence that she was murdered, but everyone from Asherville knew it was the strange man in all black that entered the diner on that sunny day.

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