My Charmer

The gaze sent chilling shivers down Mara’s spine as she smiled shyly, tucking a tendril of short brown hair behind her ear. She gently took the bouquet of fresh red roses and while lilies and tucked it in the crook of her arm, accepting the soft kiss her charmer initiated.

Even though they had been through thick and thin, the delicate touch of the man still made her swoon. Mara pulled away bashfully, a light pink shade dusting her cheeks, “What are you doing here?”

He cheekily grinned and replied, “I wanted to surprise you. But, seeing as you’re not busy.. Why don’t we take a ride,” he stepped back and pressed his point and thumb to his lip, letting out a sharp whistle.

Mara’s eyes widened as she saw a large, snow-white dragon glide down from the clouds, slowly flapping it’s spiny wings during it’s decent. The dragon dropped to the ground, right in front of her. It’s gaze was sharp, but one look from it’s tamer transformed it into a playful puppy.

She turned to the man, and quizzically narrowed her eyes, she withheld a grin, “What are you planning, Fryar..”

“Never mind that! I have much to do this evening, let’s get a move on!” Fryar leapt onto his dragon, not giving Mara enough time before he plucked her from the ground and settled her in front of him. He grinned and whispered, “We’re off to adventure.”

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