Even Angels Can Cry

The same spirit is on the same grave she visited for years. A cloaked figure is in front of her, and the spirits’ bony hands clutch a red rose. The skin is ragged and full of bruises, and the only thing she is wearing a white drape to cover her body. The spirit is shivering, but she shows no other signals of her being cold or tired. She has gotten used to it. The cloaked figure approaches her.

“ Is father back? Is he here yet? “ she asks with a hoarse voice. She has been waiting for him at her grave. He never came to visit her at the cemetery.

“ No, I’m sorry. Maybe he’ll come tomorrow?” Death replies.

“ it’s been a long time though.., why hasn’t he come? “

The Grim reaper sighs. “ He’s probably just very busy. I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten “ he says kindly.

Death takes the spirits hand and guides her away from the grave. “ I’m very sad I can’t see him… I miss him a lot “ the spirit says. “ is it bad that I’m sad when I’m in heaven? “ . She had suffered so much in her past life, she didn’t deserve to suffer more, but she still did. Death looks at the Angel compassionately, “ Of course not. After all, anyone can be sad , and once in a while even angels need to cry. “


Hii!! This was an experimental piece of writing, If you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to share them in the comments!! Thank you so much for reading!!

🫶🏼 ♥️

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