Contradiction Addiction (Wolf By Simés)

The clashing crescendo

Always gets me

3 strangers

Being pursued by wolves in the shadows

I understand, the wolves are

Drinking Smoking Materialistic desires

Swallowed whole by those foolish enough

To run away When they summoned them in the first place.

“Your flesh is crying out for more.”

More of what? what does your flesh crave?

Do you want sex? Isolation?

Do you just crave sadness sometimes?

Do you want food? To Starve to death

On cigarettes and spending your coin

The shine is as shimmering as the glint

In your eye.

The sweat on your brow

You worked hard to get this You deserve


To be chased down the street like a dirty dog

It makes me think Of chills and body aches

Don’t I want to be alive and feel this too?

Do I not seek joy? Do I not seek Chaos?

Tearing away

Scrambling from my desires

Only for them to bite and claw at my heels

It’s easy to run when you’re swimming

With colorful rainbow fish

And the sky above is your favorite weather

But when your bike explodes

It’s a chilly night with black and white

And you’re running downhill

How can you


Face your trauma head on,

Charge it like a bull ramming into

Red sins

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