Sudden Upheaval

This stranger in the street,

Was yesterday my friend

A connection exhausted,

Vanished without a trace

We used to encode the world on our own terms,

Share our insecurities and secrets

Now the only secret we share is hidden behind our jaded eyes,

Mutual disgust of a friendship once had

It happened so quick,

But I knew it was far more complex

It felt like it had built up,

Boiling until it grew to an ultimatum,

Sending us apart in a single day

Maybe it wasn’t as complex as I made it,

Maybe it was meant to be…

Our broken bond was a reminder that promises always break,

No matter how tempered it’s material

Even the comfort of a safety net can be torn off like a worn band aid,

Losing its magic in an instant

When we lock eyes,

I must look away,

But wish the pain wasn’t so blinding

The sudden distance tears apart our foundation,

I can’t help as it tears me apart too

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