The Boat Ride

The boat ride, it’s pretty.

It’s a good getaway from the city.

The constant honking and lights,

But here, it’s just calm and nice.

The water is flowing,

As the flowers around are growing.

I flow through the lake,

As I appreciate the boat ride I can take.

The fish are swimming in peace,

As I scare them away with my loud sneeze.

It’s never like this back at home,

Here, I can write a poem.

I see other people walking,

As I listen to them talking.

They start to stare,

As I give them a glare.

They look at me funny,

Under the weather that is sunny.

I tell myself, “what did I do?”

And I tell myself, “it’s you”.

I row away, into the foggy air,

As they watch, watch and stare.

I row at a faster pace,

Where I don’t know this space.

I’ll find my way out,

As I grow, up and about.

I guess I’ll find my way out, (eventually)…

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