Games Are Over

Moon shaped pebbles were scattered along the river, begging to be saved.

Shining under water, those same stones cried louder.

Star was written in the dirt by the bank.

Light was going as I watched the tide.

Enhance the colors, they spill about.

My eyes couldn’t even believe it.

Mind you, the ripples were hypnotic.

Enhance the dangers, they’re coming too.

My heart began its beat.

Might I make it out alive?

Through the river, I began to walk.

All the rocks left a scar.

This tale may be confusing, but so is my life.

Day would come tomorrow.

And then you may see.

All the traces I left blew away.

This wand I held became my chance.

Night came as I whispered, “Moon shining, star light, enhance my mind, enhance my might, through all this day and all this night.”

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