Josh, Jeny, and Carl

After the website ad had been posted, Lily got hubdreds of requests for her spare bedroom. Josh was the first one.

That Monday afternoon, Josh walked into the place with pizzazz. The door had swung open, creating a bang when it hit the wall. Ome of his hands held his Starbucks coffee cup while the other gently played with the feathers and puffs on his pink boa around his neck.

"Good afternoon, you must be Josh. I'm Lily, it's nice to meet you," Lily said, awkwardly standing.

"Yes, yes. Where's this bedroom?"

She gestured for him to follow her and they walked into the spare bedroom. Josh immediately scoffed when entering.

"How..bland.." He said, his nose twitching and his lips pursed.

"I was thinking that you could change it if you want.." Lily replied, feeling uncomfortable. Josh only shook his head and strutted out the door of her flat.

The next Tuesday held Jeny. Jeny had quietly knocked. When Lily opened tge door, her grip tightened on the wood opening with a twinge of fear. Jeny's eyes were open wide. Her wrinkled hands held a cat obviously overweight. Her glasses only made her eyes larger.

"Do they allow cats here?" she asked, softly stroking her cat. Her voice as creaky as an unoiled hinge. Lily didn't answer. She only gestured for her to come in. Jeny just chuckled, her legs slowly dragging on the carpet. Jeny took a sweep of the place, every once and a while nodding and muttering a "oh, very nice". When ten minutes had past, Jeny returned at Lily's frontal view.

"What a nice house you have," is all Jeny had said before leaving and never returning.

Wednesday was the day. The day she hoped she would find her roommate. This time, it was a man named Carl. Carl knocked on the door with full force. When Lily answered it, he grinned, his eyes wrinkling in the corners and his teeth shoaing a bit. He seemed so pleasant.

"Please, come in!" Lily said, inviting the man. Carl looked around and nodded. He was a touchy guy, constantly dragging his fingers along counters, tables, bedframes, or even plants. The tour had finally been finished and his fingertips had brushed every item in the room.

"Man, this place is really nice."

"Thank you so much. So will you be staying?"

"I think I will. The cops wouldn't suspect me in a cute little house like this, now would they?"

That night, Lily deleted the ad.

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