Love From Future Self

If I could be with you

Right this very moment

I would hug you

I’ll gather all your worries, anxieties and fear

And put them on a ship

I’ll sail it away for you

I’ll set it alight for you

If only today

I could hold you

Let you look deep into my soul

Let you believe when I tell you

I’ll be there for you

When you have gone through the dessert of this despair

When you have climbed the mountain of this madness

When you have swan the sea of this isolation

I’ll be standing by the shore

Smiling beaming with my open arms

I’ll hug you

So tightly I’ll hug you

I’ll never let you go

If only I could be there with you

Right this very moment

Right this instant

I’ll let you see that I am you

Just some years away

I am you

This moment will pass

And you’ll become me

Just in a few years

If only I could let you see you

Right this very moment

Can you see me now

Can you feel me now

Please don’t despair

Let it all disappear

Let this dust settle

And let me see you clearly

I have been there with you

Through every step of the way

I have been there for you

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