The Inevitable

After five hours I was still shaking. My mother cried as I stared at the same spot at the wall, unresponsive. The blanket around my shoulders just wasn’t warm enough. The coldness resembles the place I just escaped from.

“It’s must be a mistake! has to be a mistake...” my mother repeats over and over as she rubs my shoulders.

A mistake. I have a feeling death brought me to his home for a reason. I barely got out. I escaped the underworld.

It was like falling in ice cold water, trying to swim out while drowning, succumbing to the darkness. When I opened my eyes, he, death, was staring into my soul. I scrambled to my feet to see that he had disappeared, leaving me in a city of pure darkness and despair. Souls lurking around every corner.

I should be happy I made it out, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m still there. I am. I am not.

Words escape my mouth, I know what to say.

“Mother.” I half gasp half choke.

“Oh yes my daughter??!” My mother claims.

Tears fall from my grey eyes,

“I wasn’t supposed to leave.”

“I don’t understand”

I feel the darkness in me. It pulls me.

“He’s here.” I shake trying to escape it. It’s like trying to wake up while being sedated. I can feel my soul leaving my body.

“He’s taking me back!!” I scream in a fit.

My mother sobs as I go limp, taken to the underworld once again.

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