I Am Not A Toy To Be Used

Sometimes I wish I didn’t care that everyone sees me happy

Sometimes life can be dampening

Do you ever wonder what life would be like without scars?

Those memories that ended with shooting you through the heart?

The time you go through connecting with those who you think will be there forever.

Then that friendship is over and you find yourself feeling clever.

I’ve been accused and yelled at for things I didn’t do.

My generosity towards showing love has turned my heart to blue.

I can’t forget who I am when I’ve lost all else.

Someone to return to to give my beating heart a pulse.

It doesn’t matter really about what the fight was over

I’m sorry for the words I used that changed you to see me as lower.

Maybe you will want to talk to me again.

I miss you as a friend.

Just to let you know I’ll be waiting for the day I see you.

Lunch and a movie times two.

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