Power Hopping

I stare at my reflection in the mirror. I’m invisible. This is great. Absolutely fantastic. Now what do I do? My parents can’t see me like this, no one can. I guess I’ll have to take my clothes off and disappear for the day. I hate Power Hopping.

My room is literally a jungle. I put a hand on my wall and a spray of vines grow in its place. This power would be cool if I was an explorer. But a high schooler? Not so much. You can’t where gloves around all day. You also can’t have the power to turn everything you touch into a jungle scene, but today I do. This is way worse than invisibility. Power Hopping can be the most terrible thing.

Mum walks into my bedroom and she’s...bright yellow! She’s smiling and jabbering on about how great I am and how much fun we’ll have together today, because apparently we’re going shopping ‘like we did when I was little’. I stopped doing that after my powers manifested. Shoppers probably wouldn’t like to see a little girl who couldn’t keep her feet on the ground, or could shoot lasers out of her eyes so had to wear sunglasses. The day is spent at the shopping centre, seeing soft pink couples, bright yellow groups of friends, grey mothers with screaming red children. It is awful. We don’t buy anything because I’m too scared of the blue shop assistants.

I wake up on the ceiling. Everything else in my room is floating, and I yelp. Then suddenly everything changes and I hit my bed with a thump. Dad runs in, shouting “What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” and leaves with a puzzled look on his face, because nothing seems to be. But as soon as he leaves I drift a few feet off the ground. How am I supposed to go to school like this? And why am I even asking this question. No school! Whoop!

Today I have a great power. I literally understand anything. In Spanish I had a complete conversation with the teacher and in Drama I ‘accurately’ translated The Tempest into our style of talk. Apparently it’s called innate capability, and it. Is. Awesome.

Ok, today is not the best. I’m glowing with a strange light. It’s scaring me. The neighbours have probably seen me and called the government. I’m going to be taken away. Away from my friends, family, life as I know it. I need to do something about it. I need to run. Run fast.

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